Sunday, March 19, 2006

HEY..for some reason i'm finding that the text around my posts seems to dissapear whenever I view my page. If you wanna read it I find that if you scroll up and down the page the text seems to return. If you have any idea why this might be happening leave me a comment. A buddy seems to think i might have erased some code by accident. Not to sure though.


Blogger Bobby Chiu said...

I hate it when that happens... codes can be a real pain in the butt eh? On another note, if you or anyone you know is interested I have a digital painting class at Sheridan starting April 27. Check out my blog for more info

7:21 AM  
Blogger jeffrey said...

thankssss doood.and yeah, we gotta keep those illustraitors(<--clever sp?)on they're toes brotha. see ya in sept.

ps. post more!!

7:03 PM  

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