Sunday, March 19, 2006

HEY..for some reason i'm finding that the text around my posts seems to dissapear whenever I view my page. If you wanna read it I find that if you scroll up and down the page the text seems to return. If you have any idea why this might be happening leave me a comment. A buddy seems to think i might have erased some code by accident. Not to sure though.

~little girl sketches..SUPER ROUGH STYLE~

I'm not particularily proud of these...i just felt like posting something. I did these really really quickly to get an idea for a design for story boarding class. My final deign didnt turn out how i wanted it to so i prolly wont post it. I think im going develope this character more for a film next year. I have some ideas floating around in this GIANT head of mine. Who knows it might turn into something half interesting..~

Fast Portraiture....of myself

Umm here's a couple of really rough little portraits that i did while i was supposed to be animating..... There only like a minute each. I thought a couple of 'em had a kind of looseness i kinda liked. They dont "really" look like me though. Especailly the one second from the left....i dont even know why im posting that

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Emslie Character Design PoJECT...

YES~. finally another post, and about time. Umm here's some character designs i did for Peter Emslie's design class... The idea was to dress different character types in the same clothing (so as to not resort to using the characters clothing as a crutch for design.......i guess) Anyways heres what i came up with! Enjoy....